How She Works

What does a marine biologist actually do when she's working? What about a robotics expert? Or an automotive designer? Or a symphony orchestra member? 

In this original series, we set out to take viewers into the shoes of amazing women with amazing jobs - primarily in STEAM careers. Part job shadow, part career showcase, How She Works is all about seeing what it looks like to have the job of your dreams - and exactly how hard that can be. 

In each episode we profile a woman who not only had an interesting job, but also served as ambassadors for her chosen career.  The project was created to fill representation and information gaps. First, it’s a celebration the fact that for the first time women make up 50% of the US work force. Second, we believed that women and men should be able to watch a series and get an authentic, nuanced look at different job types.

HSW was developed and produced by King Toledo initially as a five episode first season with our partners at Mashable.  Two additional seasons were filmed - the first sponsored by Coors and the second by Microsoft. Below are some of our favorite episodes.