This sounds like a wasted opportunity

Conde Nast Entertainment announced today that they are launching a new digital video network (probably a good idea) starting with programming from their GQ and Glamour brands (also sounds like a solid move - if not 2 years too late). Big advertisers have stepped up to the plate (P&G, Microsoft) to sponsor the programming out of the gate. This all sounds great - and I love that more media companies are making serious plays into digital....oh, wait. I just read the slate of shows they are starting with. I take that all back. This is a wasted opportunity for both the brand sponsors and Conde Nast. Allow me to explain... An elevator makeover show? A talk show hosted by a guy training for a marathon? This is exactly the low value video content that already exists (in spades) and is done pretty well by other, established digital players. Conde Nast, with its reputation as a premium purveyor of lifestyle content, should be coming to the plate with original and creatively ambitious programming. What they announced today sounds like a poo poo platter of safe and sorry. I really do hope they have success, but I don't think their brand name alone will allow for them to make a real impact with viewers. Still, I'm guessing 'success'  from the advertisers perspective is guaranteed. Being a big media conglomerate, they can probably guarantee views and impressions to a certain extent (through bought and owned media)...even if real viewership on these shows is underwhelming. Hopefully the media buyers at MediaVest will be on top of this.  Either way, it's a shame to see that Conde Nast is pulling away digital ad dollars to fund lackluster, below-their-capabilities style shows when those advertisers could be spending money against more interesting digital content. At the very least, Conde Nast should have come out with one or two more adventurous bets. Big players need to make big moves to stay relevant in digital. Conde Nast may figure that out the hard way.