It’s Good to Be the King: King Toledo Entertainment is Doing Things Differently

My vision for King Toledo Entertainment is to be more than just a production company or a digital agency. I want it be a change agent and do things dramatically differently than other entertainment business. This means we don’t just want to create great content, we want to create incredible entertainment experiences. We won’t just follow along with established digital production models, we will radically transform the way (and why) Hollywood creates and funds digital content. Now, I say all of this knowing full well that I probably sound like a typical bombastic entrepreneur or one of the hundreds of entertainment industry prognosticators who have been trying to predict the ‘future of media in the ever changing digital landscape.’ And maybe I have a little of that in me. However, as I hope you’ll agree when you see our content and continue to read this blog, King Toledo is going to do things very differently. One example of this different way of thinking is Micro-Cable: a business model and strategy we created that helps traditional cable networks develop and launch new shows in an efficient, low-risk, self-funding manner. Check out Monday’s post for more on Micro-Cable.