King Toledo's first feature length film, "Kickstarted" is a documentary about crowdfunding and the pursuit of creativity. 

The film follows three creators: a musician with a debilitating illness, a never-say-die filmmaker and two old school inventors forced to learn a new way to create.  

Kickstarted is a story that explores how crowdfunding is changing the world for creators. It's also a film that looks at what it takes actually fulfill a creative dream in the digital era. These Kickstarter hopefuls learn that making it with the help of the crowd is about a lot more than raising money. 

Kickstarted premiered at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in 2016, and went on to screen at the American Documentary Film Fest, New Filmmakers LA, The Glass City Film Fest and others.  The film is now available On Demand across most major platforms including Redbull TV or at

And yes, we Kickstarted the movie (so meta). Check out the trailer below.