Amgen - “In My Code”

Interested in a deep-dive case study of this Employer Branding Project? Check it out here.

Sharing stories of diversity and mission-driven purpose for Amgen.

We partnered with Amgen for this Employer Branding initiative designed to attract talented technologists. We quickly found that the best way to do that would be to share authentic stories of the work experience there, direct from the people living it. We worked with Amgen to ID three Amgen employees and turned their stories into short videos that connect on an emotional level. The result is content that tells potential job seekers what Amgen stands for and demonstrates Amgen’s industry-leading focus on technology.

The project was a huge success. Amgen’s CIO said it best: “Promoting diversity and a culture of inclusion and belonging (at Amgen) continues to be a key component of our technology strategy. We strive to not only make our function an attractive place for technologists to work, but a place where staff can be their whole self. The “In My Code” videos represent the authentic and inspiring stories of Sope, Liz, and Anthony and I couldn’t be happier to share these with the world.”