The Secret Weapon for Employer Brand Videos

At King Toledo, we produce Employer Brand videos that help companies Show Their Character.

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The competition for talent has never been stiffer. Job-seekers want to know the value of an organization beyond a paycheck. Employers are looking to attract more qualified candidates. Job postings fail to capture the culture and energy of a company. Video is being used to fill that gap, but too often its unconvincing, inauthentic, or borderline unwatchable. At King Toledo, we know there’s a better strategy for creating impactful employer brand videos. We call it Showing Your Character. We’re experts in bringing your authentic company character to life through video and story. Naturally, we made a video to show how we do it.


Job-seekers want to know the intangibles that make your company an amazing place to work and grow.  Most of the time a job-posting or a blog post won’t cut it. When it needs to resonate, nothing beats video.

With our documentary approach, King Toledo is able to capture the authentic essence of the company, the people that make it relatable, and the experiences that makes it special.  


If those stats are any indication, the battle for talent is only going to get more intense. Standing out and sharing your company’s true opportunity and character through video is one way to stand above the fray. While video is just one tactic in the arsenal of recruiting, HR, and internal communications, there are plenty of moments to turn to this tried and true communication method:

  • Enabling staff to recruit and attract great candidates  

  • Showing the good our company does

  • Helping new hires get up to speed faster

  • Creating educational tools for personal growth

  • Highlighting the extraordinary contributions from the team

  • Celebrating the diversity of the team

  • Making compliance more consumable

  • Developing tighter relationships with leadership

  • Handling crisis communications


If you’re ready to start telling inspiring and motivating stories with amazing characters that stand out from the crowd then please get in touch.

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